Saturday, July 19, 2008

Since last time

Hi All! I am more and more amazed by the people who keep up with me by this (less than medicore) blog! Thanks!!!! Anyway, since my last post, Emma had her 2nd birthday! We had a blast at a place called "Going Bonkers". It's a warehouse-sized place full of indoor playground climbing equipment. Emmma crawled all through it. She kept going so much, Jody and I and several other family members had to switch off to keep up with her. It was a blast! Did I mention we also had an awesome birthday cake that a lady I work with made for us...yummy!

Also, we have started potty training! It went GREAT the first three days...on day three - 1 accident! Then came day four, no interest in going potty in the potty. In fact, she cried and screamed everytime we put her on the potty. Things have improved from that point, but we're not back to the 1 accident day....persistance is what they say, right???

Emma and I traveled with Jody on his business trips this past week. We hit the big cities of Texarkana (both TX and AK)and Lake Charles, LA. Emma and I enjoyed the pools and Emma has her first tan lines!! Lake Charles was neat. There are beautiful houses on the lake....maybe us someday (probably not in Lake Charles, but on a lake would be fun). We head to Maine for our family vacation soon! I'll make sure to post pictures of that too!

By the way, my parents are on a mission trip to Granada right now so please pray for them and the team that everything goes well and they are able to minister to many people!